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WD122 Sprocket

WD122 Sprockets  will work with both WD122 and WDH122 welded steel drag chains. This WD122 sprocket is manufactured using a high quality steel and to precise specifications to ensure the best performance and a long working life. We can supply this sprocket with the standard configuration or the flanged configuration.


  • Flanged & Standard Style Available
  • High Quality Sprocket
  • Best Pricing In The Industry
  • Made For WD122 & WDH122 Chain


Sprocket Number Pitch Number of Teeth Pitch Diameter Maximum Bore Shroud Diameter Tooth Face
WD122-6 8.00" 6 16.00" 5-15/16" 11.86" 8-3/4"
WD122-7 8.00" 7 18.44" 5-15/16" 14.614" 8-3/4"
WD122-8 8.00" 8 20.90" 5-15/16" 17.308" 8-3/4"
WD122-9 8.00" 9 23.39" 5-15/16" 19.98" 8-3/4"


We aslo offer a full range of both precision roller chain and engineered.

Applications are varied and range from conveyor, elevator transfer to broad general industrial power transmission specialty applications with attachments and/or special materials are also available.

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