China high quality Conveyor Chains with Special Extended Pins 10A-D9 16AF1 08B-D4 08B-D7 08BF3 10BF2 near me manufacturer

Conveyor Chains with Special Extended Pins

10A-D9 16AF1 08B-D4 08B-D7 08BF3 10BF2 10BF3 10B-D7 12B-D5 12B-D6 12B-D7
12A-D7 06B-D4 08B-D8 08BF7 16BF4

Conveyor chains with special extended pin attachments are designed to handle various types of materials. These chains are made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel and plastic resins. They are also ideal for conveying materials over slopes. The special extended pins on the end of these chains help to avoid scratches and allow for easy conveying of objects.

Dimensions of Conveyor Chains with Special Extended Pins


Chain No. P b1 d3 L2 L3 L
mm mm mm mm mm mm
12A-D7 19.050 12.57 8.10 8.6 8.6 40.0
06B-D4 9.525 5.72 3.28 3.0 5.0 19.4
08B-D8 12.700 7.75 4.45 10.0 38.0 62.5
08BF7 12.700 7.75 4.45 3.0 5.0 22.8
16BF4 25.400 17.02 8.28 18.0 18.0 68.0


Chains and Sprockets

  • Chains and sprockets are commonly employed in all kinds of applications, including machinery, transportation and other motorized applications.
  • The chain and sprockets can be maintained by spraying oil and grease to give smoother and better performance.
  • It causes the wheels to run while the motor spins. This is known by the term Rotation Per Minute (RPM).

Chains and sprockets are mostly employed in the transportation manufacturing industry as well as in the machine building sector to turn wheels with the help of engines or motors. The chains and sprockets aid in making the wheelbase run swiftly in accordance with the engine's speed. The chain is hung between the sprocket and the motor. The motor turns the sprocket while the chain is attached to the sprocket's teeth, which rotate in tandem with the wheel of the motor, making the machine or vehicle perform smoothly.

Ever-power is among the most renowned makers and distributors in China. We have a variety of top-quality chains as well as sprockets for sale. Contact us now!

Packaging of Conveyor Chains

Our chain is most commonly supplied in 10ft boxes, including 1 connecting link per box, but we can also supply this chain at custom lengths as needed. We also offer a full line of good-quality sprockets for this chain. For pricing and availability, please contact us at any time.

Production Workshop

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